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Apr. 29th, 2015 09:56 pm
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Name: Gildor Inglorion

Race: Noldor

Physical Characteristics & Appearance: Of average height for an elf and of slight build. His hair is dark brown in color and he has hazel eyes.

Personality: Gildor is gregarious and enjoys the company of others despite his wandering ways. He loves music and meeting new people and exploring new places. He prefers to travel by foot.

Skills: Possesses a love for all animals and can converse with them telepathically. Highly skilled in reconnaissance, he moves quickly and silently using local terrain to hide his presence. Gildor is a very fast runner, and possesses great stamina. He is extremely light footed and agile. He is an expert climber and his lithe build means he can squeeze into tight spots. His friendly personality enables him to talk his way into and out of many troublesome situations. Expert archer, highly skilled with knives, moderate skill with swords average strength.

Personal History: Gildor Inglorion was born in Aman in the Years of the Trees and is a distant cousin to Finrod Felagund. His father was a master archer in Finrod's company, his mother a dancer. Prior to leaving Aman, his family tended a valley outside of Tirion, caring for the land and the animals in Oromë’s forest before Finrod led his people into Middle-earth. Gildor inherits his ability to communicate with animals from his grandparents. Gildor’s mother died during the crossing of the Helcaraxë, and his father died during the Dagor Algareb, which was not long after Gildor reached his majority.

Gildor became a Knight of Nargothrond after his father's passing. He learned how to move amongst elves and their foes without being seen, and led a small company of advance scouts who performed reconnaissance missions for Finrod and Orodreth. After the stronghold of Nargothrond fell, Gildor traveled with the other surviving elves that managed to escape to the Isle of Balar, and then on to Lindon after a time with Gil-galad. Eventually, Gildor and his fellow refugees found a home in Imladris with Elrond. He fought under the banners of Gil-galad and Elrond during the Second and Third ages and spent the peaceful years during those times wandering with his fellow refugees, patrolling and exploring the lands on both sides of the Misty Mountains. He and his companions helped the Hobbit Frodo Baggins escape the Black Riders, giving the Hobbits food and shelter for the night. Gildor continues to be a nomad, and was the last of his clan to depart Middle-earth early in the Fourth Age.

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